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audi garage bracknell

Audi Garage Bracknell

Welcome to Great Hollands Audi garage, Bracknell, your local Audi service specialist.

At Great Hollands, we love Audi and are dedicated to providing an excellent value, comprehensive service. Our service and repair specialists care for your Audi like it’s their own.

Our Audi service technicians have the experience and know-how to service all types of Audi. We have you covered if you have a petrol, diesel, manual, automatic, electric, or hybrid Audi. Any repairs we perform use only genuine or high-quality Audi parts to provide you with the best results and keep your warranty intact.

We have over 100+ 5-star Google reviews and a rating that is higher than the local Audi dealers. No matter your vehicle, you get better value during your Great Hollands Audi servicing.

Call Great Hollands, Bracknell and book in.

audi garage bracknell

Audi Service

At Great Hollands, we follow Audi manufacturer specifications to give you a premium-grade service for your luxury vehicle. Our Audi service technicians find faults early on, reducing your risk of breakdown and preventing minor issues from becoming costly.

Our Audi service offers better value than the local Audi dealers, making our technicians at Great Hollands your best choice for a premium service.

Book in with our Audi service technicians at Great Hollands Bracknell, for better performance, increased fuel economy, and improved longevity.

audi garage bracknell

Audi MOT

Our specialists understand getting an MOT for your Audi can be stressful, so we aim to remove the weight from your shoulders.

During our Audi MOT, we inspect your car to DVSA standards to ensure your vehicle is in top condition. At Great Hollands Audi garage, Bracknell, your safety is our priority, and we want you back on the road quickly without compromising safety.

Why not combine your annual service and MOT to help eliminate as much stress as possible? – Speak to our team about it.

audi garage bracknell

Call Great Hollands Audi garage, Bracknell, and book in today!

audi garage bracknell

Audi Air Con

Air con keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. But did you know it’s a crucial safety feature? In cooler months your air con de-mists your windows. If your air con is feeling warm when it should be cold or it’s not demisting your windows, it may be time for an air conditioning service.

audi garage bracknell

Audi Brakes

Did you know that poor brakes cause a quarter of all accidents? If you’ve noticed your stopping distance increase, your Audi brakes might need a once-over. Do not take the risk of deferring any work on your Audi’s brakes. Call us right away at Great Hollands for a check-up.

audi garage bracknell

Audi Tyres

Tyres provide a safe connection between your Audi and the road. Having poor-quality tyres is a quick way to end up in an accident. If you’ve noticed increased braking distance or your steering feels different, it could be your tyres. Call us today at Great Hollands for a tyre assessment.

audi garage bracknell

Audi Batteries

A flat battery is never fun. If you’ve noticed your headlights dimming or a clicking noise when you turn your key, these could be early signs of your Audi battery failing. Contact Great Hollands Audi garage today.

audi garage bracknell

Audi Suspension

Your Audi suspension gives you a smooth drive and creates an even connection to the road. If your suspension is off, it causes uneven tyre wear and can be dangerous. Get in touch for a quality fix.

audi garage bracknell

Audi Diagnostics

Our specialist service technicians find hidden faults early to stop them from becoming a significant problem. Speak to our team at Great Hollands  today and get booked in.

Call Great Hollands Audi garage, Bracknell, and book in today!

Audi Clutch & Gearbox

Are your Audi gears grinding? Can you hear a whirring noise? Maybe you’re always missing a gear. These are signs of a clutch and gearbox problem. Don’t wait around; get in touch immediately.

Audi DPF

Your Audi’s Diesel Particulate Filter helps clean your vehicle’s emissions and is a critical part of your MOT emissions test. If it stops working, you could fail your MOT. Don’t risk it; call us today for a review.

Audi Exhausts

To pass your MOT emissions test, your Audi’s exhaust needs to be in good working condition. If your Audi is burning more fuel than normal or struggling to accelerate, call Great Hollands Audi garage.

Call Great Hollands Audi garage, Bracknell, and book in today!

How will I be kept informed on the progress of my Audi service?

At Great Hollands Audi garage Bracknell we aim to have you back on the road quickly without sacrificing quality or safety. Our Google rating is higher than the local Audi dealers in Slough, Reading and Farnborough as we provide better value from start to finish.

You’re kept in the loop from the minute you enter our garage to the moment you drive out. Our Audi servicing technicians help you decide what’s best for your car and budget.

Once your Audi’s initial inspection is complete, we will call you with our recommendations. We only begin working on your car once you’ve given the go-ahead, and you’re always in complete control.


Why travel to the Farnborough, Reading or Slough Audi dealer when we can look after your Audi in Bracknell? Avoid the traffic and cost of travel and visit Great Hollands Audi garage, Bracknell.

You save time and stress while getting better value. Support our local business, call Great Hollands Audi garage, Bracknell, and book in.

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