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audi service bracknell

Audi Service Bracknell

Save ££s off dealer prices

  • We use only genuine or high-quality Audi parts on your vehicle, ensuring your car gets the best servicing results.
  • You get better value with our Audi service, Bracknell. Save ££s on dealer prices.
  • No more stress- our servicing ensures your Audi warranty remains intact.
  • We give your Audi a high-quality service without compromising on value or your safety.
  • Our Google rating is higher than the local Audi dealers.
  • You’re in charge from the start, and we only do the work you agree to.
  • We’re the best servicing experts in the Bracknell area.
  • No need to travel to Reading, Farnborough or Slough for Audi servicing and maintenance expertise.
audi service bracknell

Audi servicing technicians

Looking for an Audi Service, Bracknell? Look no further; our service technicians are the best in the Bracknell area. We have decades of experience working with all types of Audi and can service them all.

Whether your car needs a new clutch or an air conditioning check-up, we have you covered.

If your Audi has an issue that needs checking, call our Audi Service technicians, and book your car in.

audi service bracknell

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What happens during an Audi service? What do you check/replace?


Lighting & Visibility: Your entire Audi lighting system is checked for optimal performance, and all windows, mirrors, and wipers are checked for faults or weak points. Your registration plates are maintained for clarity and tested for sturdiness. Contact our team for your Audi Service, Bracknell.


Tyre Inspection: All wheels and nuts are checked for weak points, sturdiness, and corrosion. Each tyre is inspected for significant wear or defects, and your tyre pressure is adjusted. Lastly, our specialists also check your spare wheel (or inflation kit). Call us for your Audi Service Bracknell.


Under Bonnet: To ensure there are no leaks or faults, we carry out an in-depth visual health check with relevant service greasing and adjustments. The oil filter and air filters are removed and renewed. This keeps your Audi in peak condition. Call for your Audi Service, Bracknell.


Vehicle Interior: All seatbelts are tested to the latest safety standards. Our Audi service experts check the internal controls such as the hazard light button, horn, indicators, and others. The pollen (cabin) filter is replaced. We assess your air conditioning and driver displays while addressing any warning messages.


Under Vehicle: The underneath of your Audi has its trays removed, and the engine oil drained. If necessary, we will replace the sump plug. Book your Audi Service Bracknell.


Braking: Every aspect of your Audi braking system is checked and measured to ensure they are in line with the latest safety requirements. This allows us to assess your brake’s service life accurately.


Steering, Drive & Suspension: Each wheel is checked for alignment, and your vehicle’s joints, gaiters (protective sleeves), and bearings are extensively inspected for sturdiness and functionality. All of your shock absorbers and springs are tested to check your Audi has the correct amount of friction on the road.


Final Checks: Your brake fluid and anti-freeze are tested – both are important for the safe performance of your Audi. Your engine is filled with fresh Shell specific oil for your vehicle, and your service history is updated. Relevant service lights are reset.

What type of service does my Audi need?

Every vehicle has a defined service schedule which is often detailed in your handbook. But, this isn’t always the case. Some Audis indicate when your next service is due; this is usually visible on your vehicle’s dashboard.

However, if you still aren’t sure, you’re best bringing your car to us at Great Hollands, and our Audi service technicians can determine the best schedule for you and your Audi.

Once we complete your service, we update your service record, which helps maintain your Audi warranty and guarantees a higher resale price should you decide to sell your Audi.

Book your Audi Service Bracknell today.

audi service bracknell

Why should I service my Audi?


Safety: The slightest fault can lead to an unexpected breakdown, leaving you in a predicament or worse… in danger. Our specialists inspect every inch of your car following the Audi manufacturer specifications to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive.


Reliability: You want your Audi to remain reliable, right? So you need to service it regularly. Our expert servicing team helps you avoid annoying repeat repairs and improve your vehicle’s performance. Book your Audi Service Bracknell.


Endurance: A regular Audi Service, Bracknell, keeps your car in top condition by limiting wear and tear. You get increased fuel economy, efficiency, and an improved lifespan.


Savings: Having your Audi serviced helps catch minor issues early before they become serious (and expensive) problems. Book your Audi Service, Bracknell, today and save yourself money in the long run.

Book your Audi Service, Bracknell today

How will I be kept informed on the progress of my Audi service?

At Great Hollands, we believe in honesty and transparency. You’re kept in the loop from the minute you enter our garage to the moment you drive out.

Once our Audi servicing team finishes inspecting your car, we call you to discuss any remedial repairs or recommendations. We only begin working on your vehicle once you have agreed to the work. You’re always in control.

Call us for your Audi Service, Bracknell.


Why travel to the Audi dealer when we can look after your Audi in Bracknell? Avoid the traffic and cost of travelling to the Slough, Reading or Farnborough Audi dealer and visit Great Hollands Audi garage, Bracknell.

Support a local business. Contact our team today – you can reach us via phone and email. Or, you can pop by any time for some assistance; we’re always here to help.

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Some of Our Customer Feedback

  • Puss In Boots

    26th April 2024

    Had condenser replaced now have nice cold air.Friendly staff too.

  • Elizabeth

    26th April 2024

    Really friendly and prompt service, went above and beyond to make sure I could get my MOT and service done and had great communication the whole time. Not the cheapest on the market but you get what you pay for and they are definitely worth it.

  • Luke Wickham

    23rd April 2024

    Very helpful staff and very professional!

  • Vince Graham

    19th April 2024

    Great service and went above and beyond when there was a slight issue.

  • Phil Mono

    17th April 2024

    A first class service in every way, a rare thing to find these days. Highly recommended.

  • Dev Bains

    23rd February 2024

    Perfect service friendly and professional . Had a quote from Vw to replace rear disks and pads . Came across them from Google search . Spoke on Wednesday and job done today and bank balance appreciated it as well

  • Matt Cutrone

    14th February 2024

    Took the car in midway on a 6hour journey when ABS and EPS lit up the dash, they got it in and diagnosed right away, ordered the part and fitted to make road worthy and we were back on our way, got to see the lovely pond near by, fantastic service and a lovely bunch of people thanks very much

  • Paula Keen

    7th February 2024

    Amazing service and staff are so chatty and friendly. Thank you for the snack for my boy too. Outstanding customer service.

  • Andrew Voller

    22nd January 2024

    Really happy with the level of service given at every stage of the process, checking in, feedback on the issues, to completion. Friendly, polite people who know their stuff. No hesitation in recommending them. First class!

  • Andy Ben

    13th January 2024

    Highly recommended, Fantastic customer service from the team at Great Hollands Garage. Car broke down and back on the road within a day.

  • Jamie Hurdwell

    2nd January 2024

    Took my car in for an emergency appointment last week after calling earlier the same day as it was struggling to accelerate and start. They quickly informed me it was the timing chain and that they’d order the parts asap. The parts came a few a days later and it was fitted the same afternoon they arrived. Great communication and fast with the repair.

  • james conachan

    18th December 2023

    Always great honest service

  • Linda Bursnall

    14th December 2023

    This garage promised prompt response when my car broke down and they delivered on their promise.
    I was kept in the loop all the time.
    I was so stressed at prospect of having to cancel all Christmas social / travel arrangements but they diagnosed the problem and repaired immediately. Gold standard customer service.

  • Wendy Morton

    30th November 2023

    Thank you to Ricky for doing an amazing job in repairing my Vauxhall Astra. I've never used this garage before but would highly recommend them, the customer service was first class. I had major issues with my car, which needed a lot of work doing, I was kept updated regarding the costs and everything was explained to me throughout the whole process. It was a big job to repair the car, I took... Read More

  • russ millman

    31st October 2023

    Everything was done quickly and professionally. Excellent service all round.

  • Daniella Boothman

    27th October 2023

    Great team, great communication. Nothing was too much trouble.

  • Nana Afriyie-Asante

    27th October 2023

    Great customer service. I walked in without an appointment with the hope of fixing my citreon nemo electrical issues, and indeed, Ricky and his brother sorted me out big time. Top company - will recommend 100% anytime, anywhere.

  • Suzie R

    29th August 2023

    I can’t even begin to describe how good the team here were. I had an unexpected issue with my car and they were brilliant from start to finish, and ended up fixing my car nearly a week earlier than expected. THANK YOU so much! Will definitely be coming back here for our future car servicing needs.

  • Roy Newman

    25th August 2023

    Highly recommend this company should you need an MOT in the Bracknell area. Excellent service with very nice and polite people.

  • Richatd Cornwell

    24th August 2023

    Took there by RAC after a breakdown yesterday. Fixed the broken belt, then did a load more work and MOT in just over 24 hours. Very impressed 👏 👌

  • Iain Marwick

    18th August 2023

    Really nice and helpful staff

  • Gary Coles

    25th November 2022

    Rick or Ben, are the most helpful people I've dealt with, but I'm sure the other guys are just as good, I just have'nt dealt with them personaly

  • kelly Bond

    23rd November 2022

    A very professional service provided and good value. I use this garage for all my needs including servicing my car 3 times a year. I would highly recommend Great Hollands MOT.

  • Fin Cottrell

    21st November 2022

  • Helena H

    26th October 2022

    Had to book my car in for it's overdue MOT, and was lucky enough to get booked in shortly after the initial call, despite them being very busy. Fantastic service and such a relief for me! The team kept me updated throughout with calls/emails of what was being done and what needed to be done outside of the already agreed service so I could give my consent for them to go ahead. The team is so... Read More

  • Sian Luke

    12th October 2022

    GREAT service!
    Had a problem with my clutch and the team took it in to have a look even though they were incredibly busy and were able to diagnose the problem very quickly.
    They then looked after the car whilst it was repaired roadside (car was still under warranty from manufacturer) and then called me to let me know they had the keys and it was ready for collection.
    Been to... Read More

  • Karen Maynard

    5th August 2022

    My go to garage for everything needing doing to my car, would not go anywhere else. Always friendly, professional, spend time to explain. Value for money, won't proceed without your consent. I highly recommend Great Hollands MOTs & Service Centre.

  • Adam Dack

    28th June 2022

    Very honest, quick, and well priced work. They have worked on both mine and my girlfriends car and they both feel like new. Excellent communication from the staff, especially Paul. They will stay as my go-to garage in Bracknell.

  • Barry Byott

    12th June 2022

    Have used Great Holland MOT & Service Centre a couple of times now, and have always been satisfied with the good service given, and the professional nature of this. The staff have been very helpful, and made sure I'm kept in the loop on the work, times and costs involved. I also appreciate their use of modern tech towards this end, keeping me advised via text and sending quotes and bills via... Read More

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