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Car Repairs Bracknell

Routine repairs and maintenance do wonders for the safety and performance of your vehicle.

Plus, regular maintenance work can save you £1000s overall because issues are caught early and are therefore much cheaper to fix.

Ultimately, a damaged vehicle is a dangerous one. So, if you’re concerned about the state of your car, come and see us. We’ll do the rest.

Car repairs Bracknell

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We have some of the most advanced diagnostic equipment there is. So if your fault light is on or you’re having computer problems, come and see us. And, unlike other garages who perform car repairs in Bracknell, we do so much more than just hook your vehicle up to a computer. We’re committed to catching the problem the first time.

Car diagnostic tests can help determine issues within your vehicle’s engine, transmission, exhaust system, brakes and other critical components; the root of many problems. And, if we only treated the symptoms, the same problem could easily return.

In fact, some major problems are caused by issues so small they don’t trigger your check engine light. So, don’t feel you have to wait for the light to come on before coming down and getting your diagnostics evaluation.

Car repairs Bracknell


Driving a car with a damaged suspension not only makes for a bumpy ride, but it also causes you to lose control of your vehicle and increase your brake speed. So, if your ride feels uneven, you’re having difficulty when steering or you’re noticing every little bump in the road, get yourself to Great Hollands: the best value car repairs in Bracknell.

Our suspension service includes a thorough check of your vehicle’s springs, shock absorber, ball joints, bushes and anti-roll bar linkages to make sure the entire suspension system is functioning as it should.

If your suspension is broken, bumps on the road can easily cause damage to other parts of your vehicle. Before you know it you’ve got a lot of expensive repairs on your hands.

Don’t risk an accident or expensive repairs when you don’t need to. Give us a call today.

Car repairs Bracknell

For all your car repairs Bracknell

Get in touch with Great Hollands MOT & Servicing Centre. We’re here to help. Just give us a call.


It’s illegal – not to mention dangerous – to drive a car with lights that don’t work correctly. So if you’re having issues with your bulbs or lighting, you need to get them checked immediately. And, regardless of whether your lights are bulbs or LEDs, we’ve got the tools to get them sorted.

We often find ourselves repairing car lights for customers after they’ve attempted to change their light bulbs themselves. Accidents happen and bulbs get damaged in the process. So, unless you’re 100% sure that you know what you’re doing, don’t change your light bulbs yourself. We’ll do it for you and prevent a cheap, easy fix turning into a pricier problem.

Sometimes your bulb failure warning light comes on, but your bulbs appear to be working fine. It’s a mistake to think this means you can ignore it. Whether the bulbs are working or not, if the failure warning light is on you have a problem. Get it checked ASAP.

Car repairs Bracknell


One of the lesser-known parts of a vehicle, your diesel particulate filter, or DPF, traps soot from the exhaust gas in a diesel engine. They were brought in by EU regulations to pass emissions tests. So if there’s an issue, such as plumes of black smoke, you need to get it fixed or face hefty fines.

You should get your car checked as soon as your DPF light comes on. If you leave it, the light will start flashing and that almost always means costly repairs. It doesn’t have to though – for cost efficient car repairs in Bracknell, visit Great Hollands.

The most common causes of DPF failure are faulty EGR (exhaust gas return) valves, faulty fuel injectors, a faulty turbocharger, using the wrong oil and too many short journeys.

Most DPFs are designed to burn away built-up soot but they occasionally get blocked. The best thing to do if this happens is to come and see us. We’ll burn the soot away and make sure it doesn’t get blocked again.

Car repairs Bracknell

For all your car repairs Bracknell

Get in touch with Great Hollands MOT & Servicing Centre. We’re here to help. Just give us a call.