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jaguar service bracknell

Jaguar Service Bracknell

Save ££s off dealer prices

  • Stress-free servicing – Our technicians keep your Jaguar warranty intact
  • Excellent quality – We only use genuine or high-quality Jaguar parts on all repairs
  • Decades of experience – Our experts love Jaguar and can work on any model
  • Over 100 5-star Google reviews – We have a better rating than the Jaguar Bracknell dealer
  • Safety – Your safety is our top priority
  • No pressure – You’re in control from the start; we don’t start work until you say so
  • We’re the best servicing experts in the Bracknell area
jaguar service bracknell

Jaguar servicing technicians

At Great Hollands, our service specialists have the knowledge and decades of experience to tackle any Jaguar model. If your vehicle needs a service, new battery, or another repair, we have your back.

Any work our service technicians perform uses genuine or high-quality Jaguar parts and keeps your Jaguar warranty intact.

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jaguar service bracknell

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What happens during a Jaguar service? What do you check/replace?


Lighting & Visibility: All lights (front, rear, and internal) are thoroughly checked to ensure they’re working correctly. Your Jaguar’s mirrors, windows, and wipers are inspected for defects. We also check your registration plate for sturdiness and clarity. Speak to our team about your Jaguar Service Bracknell.


Under Bonnet: Our specialists perform a full under-bonnet inspection to spot any leaks or faults. If we find any flaws, we replace your air & oil filters, drive belts, and spark plugs. No work occurs until you give us the go-ahead. Call for your Jaguar Service Bracknell.


Vehicle Interior: Your Jaguar’s interior controls, such as horn, hazard light button, indicators, and other controls, are checked for optimal performance. We test your seatbelts to ensure they meet safety standards and review your air conditioning. Any warning messages are addressed, and the driver displays are corrected if needed.


Steering, Drive & Suspension: We analyse your wheel alignment, joints, gaiters (protective sleeves), and bearings, checking for function and sturdiness. All your shock absorbers and road springs are tested, ensuring your Jaguar provides the right level of friction. Book your Jaguar Service Bracknell.


Braking: Your Jaguar’s braking system is checked and measured to the latest safety requirements. And our specialists can report on their service life.


Under Vehicle: Your Jaguar’s trays are removed from under the car, and the engine oil is drained. We check the transmission for leaks, rust, and corrosion.


Tyre Inspection: During your Jaguar Service Bracknell, we inspect all wheels and wheel nuts for any weak points or corrosion. Your tyre treads are checked for significant wear, and tyre pressure is adjusted. We also check your spare tyre/inflation kit.


Final Checks: Lastly, your vehicle’s brake fluid and anti-freeze are tested, and we fill your engine with fresh oil. Both keep your car in peak condition, ensuring maximum performance and safety.

What type of service does my Jaguar need?

All Jaguar vehicles have their own servicing schedule. Most new models display this information on your dashboard.

But, if you’re unsure of your Jaguar’s service history and want to know the best schedule for you and your vehicle, our Jaguar service technicians can help.

Once your Jaguar Service Bracknell is completed, we update your service record to maintain your Jaguar warranty and help achieve a higher resale value if you decide to sell your Jaguar.

jaguar service bracknell

Why should I service my Jaguar?


Safety: Our service technicians follow the Jaguar manufacturer specifications to ensure all your vehicle’s systems are in top working condition. Even the smallest faults can become dangerous problems if left unchecked. Keep safe; book your Jaguar Service Bracknell.


Reliability: At Great Hollands, our Jaguar Service Bracknell stops repeat repairs, keeping you on the road for longer without hiccups. Improve your Jaguar’s reliability, book a Jaguar Service Bracknell at Great Hollands.


Endurance: Want to keep your Jaguar in peak condition? Servicing your vehicle regularly helps you increase fuel economy and improve the lifespan of your Jaguar.


Savings: A regular Jaguar Service Bracknell catches problems early, preventing costly problems further down the line. Make savings with long-lasting results. Call our team today.

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How will I be kept informed on the progress of my Jaguar service?

From the minute you walk through our doors, we keep you in the loop. At Great Hollands, we believe in honesty and transparency. Our team will be in touch once the initial inspection has been completed to discuss any remedial action.

We only start working on your Jaguar once we have your approval. You’re always in control.


We are located outside of the busy Bracknell town centre. Why travel along busy roads to the main Jaguar Bracknell dealer when you can visit us.

Contact our team today and book your dealership-level service for far better value.

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jaguar service bracknell

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