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VW Garage Bracknell

Welcome to Great Hollands VW garage Bracknell – your local garage for premium level MOT, servicing, and repairs.

We’re huge fans of Volkswagen, and our VW technicians have the knowledge to care for any model of VW. Whether you’ve got a petrol, diesel, automatic, manual, electric, or hybrid, our experts have the skills to give your car the care it needs.

At Great Hollands, we use only genuine or high-quality VW parts to guarantee quality and maximise the longevity of your vehicle. You even get better value than you would from the local VW dealers in Slough, Reading or Guildford.

Our VW service & maintenance technicians care for your vehicle like their own and treat you and your VW with the respect you deserve. With over 100+ 5-star Google reviews, it’s easy to see why we’re rated higher than the main VW dealership.

Call Great Hollands VW garage today to book your car in.

vw garage bracknell

VW Service

At Great Hollands VW garage Bracknell, our comprehensive service helps keep your VW in peak condition. You get increased fuel economy, improved longevity, and better performance.

Our VW service technicians follow VW manufacture guidelines to find small faults before they develop into a major repairs. Once your VW service is complete, we update your service record to maintain your VW warranty and help achieve a higher resale price.

Book your service at a Great Hollands VW garage today.

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MOTs can be stressful, so let Great Hollands VW garage Bracknell take the stress out of your annual check-up.

Our specialists at Great Hollands follow DVSA standards to ensure you’re safe on the road. We can MOT any VW model, whether it’s a car, van, or 4×4.

Why not cut the stress in half and book your service alongside your MOT? Ask us about it when you book in.

vw garage bracknell

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VW Air Con

Your VW’s air con helps keep you cool in summer, warm in the winter and aids with demisting windows. Is your air con running warm when it should be cool? Contact us right away for a quality fix.

VW Brakes

A quarter of all accidents are caused by faulty brakes. If you’ve noticed your stopping distance increase, call us right away. Contact Great Hollands VW garage Bracknell for a brakes check-up.

VW tyres

Worn-out tyres are dangerous and should be checked right away. Notice your stopping distance increase? Got steering issues? Contact Great Hollands VW garage Bracknell for your tyre assessment.

vw garage bracknell

VW Batteries

Flat batteries are a nightmare; they always come at the worst times. If your lights seem dim or you have reduced power, it could be a battery issue. Call our VW garage in Bracknell and speak to our team.

vw garage bracknell

VW Suspension

Your VW suspension gives your vehicle a smooth drive and protects you from bumps in the road. If you’re feeling every bump, you might need a suspension check. Call our team and book in.

vw garage bracknell

VW Diagnostics

Our VW technicians have decades of experience working with VW and can care for all models. If your VW needs some attention, speak with the Great Hollands VW garage Bracknell team today.

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vw garage bracknell

VW Clutch & Gearbox

Is your Volkswagen always missing a gear? Maybe you can hear grinding and whirring? It could be signs of a gearbox or clutch issue. Call us today and book your VW garage Bracknell check-up.

vw garage bracknell


If you’ve got smoke coming from your exhaust, it could be a fault with your Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). If it’s faulty, you can fail your MOT. Let us review your Volkswagen DPF.

vw garage bracknell

VW Exhausts

Your exhaust has to be in good shape to pass your MOT emissions test. If your VW is struggling to accelerate or is burning fuel faster than normal, get in touch. Book your exhaust check today.

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How will I be kept informed on the progress of my VW service?

At Great Hollands VW garage Bracknell, we believe in honesty and transparency and keep you in the loop from the minute you enter our garage. Following your vehicle’s initial assessment, we provide a comprehensive breakdown of our recommendations.

We only start working on your VW once you’ve given our specialists the “ok”. You’re always in full control.

Choose Great Hollands as your go-to VW service team.


We’re located on the outskirts of Bracknell town centre. Why travel to the VW Slough, Reading or Guildford dealerships when you can avoid the unnecessary travel cost and time, by visiting us.

Support our local business and reap the rewards; you get better value while saving time and stress.

Call Great Hollands Volkswagen garage Bracknell today and book in.

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