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vw specialist bracknell

VW Specialist Bracknell

At Great Hollands VW, Bracknell, we understand the importance of having an experienced technician servicing and maintaining your vehicle. It ensures your VW is in safe hands and you don’t waste time and money.

Our team loves VW and they always provide your vehicle with the premium service it needs to remain in peak condition. You get a dealership-level service and great value.

If your Volkswagen needs servicing or requires maintenance, our VW technicians are here to help. Your safety is our priority, and we aim to get you back on the road quickly while ensuring your VW performs as the manufacturer intended.

We have over 100+ 5-star Google reviews and are rated higher than the local VW dealerships in Slough, Reading and Guildford.

Call Great Hollands and book your VW specialist.

vw specialist bracknell
vw specialist bracknell

VW Service

Our VW specialist service follows the Volkswagen manufacturer specifications to inspect your vehicle with a fine toothcomb. Our VW service technicians find and fix hidden faults, preventing future repairs. Book your VW specialist Bracknell today.

vw specialist bracknell

Repairs & Maintenance

At Great Hollands VW Specialist Bracknell, we use only genuine or high-quality parts on all our repairs. This keeps your Volkswagen warranty intact and ensures your VW gets excellent quality. Enquire today at Great Hollands Bracknell.

vw specialist bracknell


Our VW Specialist Bracknell MOT follows DVSA guidelines to ensure your VW is in a roadworthy condition. If you want to remove some stress, why not combine your Volkswagen service with your MOT. Ask our team about it when you book in.

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Common issues with VW


EGR Issues: Has your VW got reduced performance? Burning fuel faster than usual? Your EGR valve could be blocked with carbon & soot, or your coolers are faulty. Let our VW technicians take a look.


Drivetrain Noises: Gears slipping? Hearing whirring noises when you drive? Sounds like it could be a drivetrain fault. Bring your VW to Great Hollands for its maintenance.


AdBlue Problems: AdBlue keeps your VW’s emissions down. If you get an AdBlue warning, you might fail your MOT… or worse, your car might not start. If you’ve got an AdBlue issue, contact us right away.


DPF Issues: Your Diesel Particulate Filter helps reduce harmful emissions. If your DPF stops working, you might fail your MOT, and it can turn into an expensive problem if left too long. Book your VW specialist today.


HP Pump Failure: Your VW High-Pressure Fuel Pump injects fuel into your engine. If your HP Pump fails, your VW might stop working. If you’re having trouble starting your VW, call Great Hollands Bracknell.


Injector Problems: Have you noticed a drop in your VW’s performance? Or perhaps you’re struggling to accelerate? It could be your vehicle’s injectors. Don’t let further damage occur. Book your VW Specialist Bracknell right away.

How will I be kept informed on the progress of my VW service?

At Great Hollands, we always want to keep you in the loop. We love transparency, and we put you in charge from the start.

Once your initial inspection is completed, we call you to discuss any remedial action needed on your VW. We only start working on your vehicle with your permission. You’re in total control.

Book your VW specialist by calling our team.

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We’re located in Bracknell. Avoid the travel cost and time of travelling to the VW dealers in Slough, Guildford or Reading.

Choose Great Hollands as your VW specialist and get a quality dealership service as well as great value.

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What other brands do you service?

A garage with a passion for precision engineering. We provide a quality service caring for all vehicle brands.

So if you own a Jaguar, Volkswagen or Audi  – we are here to help as your local independent service specialist in Bracknell and the surrounding areas.

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